Thursday, April 26, 2012

How does Cathy Howse get her "natural/chemical free" hair to look relaxed?

Let's start with the tools I use to make my natural achieve the straight look. You will need: Wide tooth comb, Conair Hair Designer blow dryer (see picture below), 8-10 alligator clips, UBH Shampoo, UBH Silky Spray Moisturizer w/ trigger sprayer and a flat iron with a thermostat control.

After I wash my hair with UBH shampoo, just before I towel dry, I section my hair down the middle and clip each section. Since afro hair can tangle easily when wet, controlled handling, putting the hair in clips keeps the hair stretched out, which prevents excessive tangling when it is patted down with the towel. In my book Thinning Edges, I discussed sectioning the hair before it is wet so you can choose either way.

  1. After towel drying the hair, take one of the 2 sections of hair and section it into 4 sections so you will end up with 8 total sections of hair. (I personally prefer to have 5 total section on each side because drying the hair straight is easier with small sections.)
  2. As you section the hair, spray it heavily with UBH Silky Spray from roots to ends, directly at the section of hair.
  3. Comb from ends to the roots to detangle.
  4. After combing out the tangles, twist and clip each hair section. Do this until you have clipped all the hair all over your head.
  5. Using the Conair hair designer blow dryer, dry each section, replacing the clip so the hair remains in sections. (Note: most blow dryers have a comb attachment that can make afro hair poofy. The Conair hair designer has a patented head that holds the hair to smooth it straight during drying.)
  6. Plug in your flat iron and choose one of the hotter settings on the thermostat but not so hot your hair is burning when you touch it with the iron.
  7. Next take small sections of hair and pull the iron from roots to end straight down the hair.

To achieve loose curls, pull the iron from roots to end but turn the flat iron ½ turn as you move down the hair shaft to the ends.

Take a look at our video below and see how Cathy's hairdresser goes through these steps.