Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Main Causes of Hair Thinning Around the Edges

Everywhere you look now you see sisters with thinning hair and hair loss especially around the sides and edges. The medical term for this hair loss is alopecia.

There are many different types of alopecia. Alopecia can be caused from disease, stress on the hair roots, and medical treatments such as chemotherapy. There are 2 types of alopecia that can be prevented: Traction alopecia and Traumatic alopecia

Traction alopecia is caused by constant tight pulling and stress on the hair at the root. Traction alopecia results from very tight hair styles: ponytails, buns, braids, cornrows and can become permanent if tight hair styles are worn often.

Traumatic alopecia is most commonly caused by improper chemical applications. Think about how relaxers are applied. They are smoothed against the head with the back of the fingers, or the comb. The goal is to get the hair really straight around the face. Around the face is where chemicals are smoothed most. How often have you heard the stylist ask “are you burning?” Burning chemicals on the scalp cause trauma to the scalp. The bad effect is that these chemicals go into the pores of your head and they "change" the hair cells underneath the scalp. The unfortunate thing is that this is a permanent change.

Traction alopecia and Traumatic alopecia are preventable. So to prevent hair loss around the edges, choose hair styles that don’t put excessive stress on the hair shaft and ----Stop thinking that chemicals are Safe and use them cautiously to keep your hair on your head.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Is Ovations Hair Therapy for African American women?

What are your thoughts on Ovations Hair Therapy?  Is it safe for African American women?

It is not a question of is it "safe" because based on my observation there is nothing in the ingredients list that will cause you harm. I will give you my opinion based on a review of their website.
  • Their claim is "thicker and stronger" hair - this is what protein does so what makes them so special?
  • They incorporate DHT blockers in their products which is supposed to affect the hair thickness from the cellular level. (most Black people thinning is not caused by DHT)
  • On the ingredients list, there is nothing proprietary or exclusive about their products that would make them work any better than what is already on the market
  • The products are ridiculously expensive! $33 for a 12 oz bottle (It would have to be gold in the bottle before I purchase it!)
  • Where are the black people with afro-textured hair in their ads and testimonials?
  • On the website, the testimonials are NOT from people with type 4 hair (just like Wen, they can't cosmetically improve afro textured hair so it is believable)
So I would NOT invest in Ovation products because the proof is just not believable.
Cathy Howse

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Daughters Hair is a MESS and I am Looking for a New Hair Stylist!

Dear Cathy,
My hair stylist has relaxed my daughter's hair since she was 5 (12 years) and my hair for over 20 years.  An unfortunate disagreement and I'm in search of a new stylist.  My daughter's hair is in terrible shape, broken and shorter than ever. She is a teenager and a dancer so her diet and dancing is at issue.  After 7 weeks I had a new stylist put in Just For Me Regular relaxer because she thought the relaxers my daughter was getting was too strong.  I have very thin hair and a short style with no hair issues.  I will however need a relaxer soon.  I am reading a lot of your tips reference Affirm, is that a good product?  I believe my stylist was using Silk products from GA.  I would like to place an order for your products ASAP.  What should I order for both of us?  I saw praise about your products from a customers comments on the Wen product.
Thank you!


Hello Lori,
Changing chemicals is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair and your daughters hair! Most chemicals are not the same although they appear to be, but appearances can be deceiving. If you put a different relaxer on already relaxed hair it creates holes all in the hair and causes it to break uncontrollably. Hairdressers are ignorant to this one very important fact. When your hair starts breaking, they blame you for it.

Hopefully your hair has not been destroyed by the ignorance of the industry professional.
I recommend you get your hair in better condition before you apply ANY other chemical. That can be done by deep conditioning with my UBH deep conditioner at least once a week and using a good moisturizer (UBH satin Crème) my products will keep moisture in your hair and stop your hair from being dry, brittle and breaking.

As you probably have read, I have not had a relaxer since 2004 and don’t plan on getting another one EVER because they can result in permanent balding and I am not ready to be put out of business. Affirm is the relaxer I used in the past but I recommend you stick with the one you are currently using to prevent your hair from being destroyed. If you still decide to have your hair relaxed, ensure the chemical is kept off your scalp. Do not let them smooth the chemical against your head. Please see my video below on safe chemical applications to avoid further thinning hair and potentially irreversible balding.

Cathy Howse

Friday, November 29, 2013

Carol's Daughters Products Expensive and Dont Work With My Hair

Hello Cathy,

I came across your website asking about Wave Nouveau. I have had a Wave Nouveau perm for about 20 years. I have never put any other chemicals on my hair excepts hair dyes. People compliment me on my hair. I am a older women so having people compliment my hair is a blessing to me. Have not had a perm in about 5 years with no problems, except my hair is long but thin.... I use Carol Daughters products sometime but expensive, still have not found what works with my hair. I want thick hair along with length without using perms love my natural hair can you help me maintain it? Also how long does the perm stay in my hair? Do I have to chop it off for all chemicals to be out?

Jackie Matthews Washington DC

Hello Jackie,

Perms are “Permanent” thus the reason we call them "perms." They never wear off your hair but have to grow out or be cut off to rid yourself of them. Your thinning is probably caused by chemical applications smoothed against your head. These products go into your pores and change how the hair cells function. Regretfully, nothing on this planet can reverse that.

UBH products will help improve your hair and you do not have to cut the chemical off your hair, you can just let it grow out. Use UBH products and your hair will become stronger, and thicker which is necessary to keep the hair from breaking and to keep it on your head to add length.

Cathy Howse


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Will UBH Products Help Male Hair Thinning?

I'm a Black male experiencing thinning on the top of my head. Will UBH products work for me as well?
UBH products address dry brittle hair that breaks. All of which are external problems. Men with thinning hair problems are generally a result of testosterone issues which is an internal problem. Thinning hair in men has been associated with DHT. And many manufacturers will offer products like Nioxin Shampoo as a temporary remedy. I have done no research on these products so I have no evidence that they work.

However UBH products will improve the hair you have but they wont stop hair thinning caused by internal issues.
Cathy Howse

Friday, November 22, 2013

2 Myths about Silicone and Hair Products!

Hi Cathy,
I am natural and I only co-wash on a daily basis, I was thinking about using hair polisher for sheen, but people on natural sites have me concerned about silicone keeping moisture from my hair and needing to use harsh shampoos to remove build up, which I think I don't experience anyway. I don't see how it would keep moisture from my hair because my hair gets wet everyday, what do you think?
Celeste Green
Dear Celeste,
You really have to be careful about what you believe that you find on the internet because EVERYBODY is a hair expert now and they are not speaking from experience. My products, which I use DAILY have had silicone in them for over 10 years and the "natural hair blog" people are wrong about the moisture not being able to get into the hair. If that was the case I would not use them and my hair would not be as long as it is now. I also use only UBH Cleansing Shampoo and it is not harsh at all.

Ignore the foolishness. They have no basis for what they are claiming.

Cathy Howse

The internet is FULL of Experts who have little to no experience except YouTube Video Tutorials!

Picture compliments of Kinky Chicks

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3 yr Olds Hair is a Mess After Dominican Salon!

Hi Cathy,

My sister took my 3yr old to a Dominican Salon to get her hair washed and they blow dried her hair and now the texture of her hair is different from what it was. How if possible do I get her hair to revert or close to its original texture? Please help me this is gnawing away at me especially now since she flinches a lot to comb her hair that was once manageable to now be a frizzed out tangled mess. Please help... Natalie

Hello Natalie,

My suggestion is to use my Silky Spray moisturizer on her hair to detangle and my Satin Crème moisturizer to smooth her hair texture. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I feel confident that you wont need to press her hair when you use these products.

Cathy Howse

Ultra Black hair Silky Spray and Satin Creme