Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Does Mayonnaise make a good deep conditioner?

Cathy Howse answering your questions on good deep conditioners.

Let’s look at what Mayonnaise really is: It’s a few eggs and a whole lot of oil whipped up together, add a few seasonings and you have a creamy dressing or spread.

  •  Oil it is an excellent lubricant for the hair, thus the reason we do hot-oil treatments.

  •  A good deep conditioner contains Protein because it bonds to the hair making it stronger.

  •  So the oil and eggs in Mayonnaise are the same ingredients that make for a good hair conditioner. Except Mayonnaise is food!

And as for me I prefer not to put food on my head.

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  1. I've used mayonnaise in my hair for years! I can't believe you haven't heard of this. I learned about it years ago on other post works amazing, you get used to the smell ig lol