Friday, September 26, 2014

Can Hair Weaving be done safely to prevent hair loss?

Cathy's recommended method of hair weaving

Hair is a symbol of beauty and weaves can enhance your natural beauty if your hair is less than perfect.

Weaves can be sewn on, fused, bonded and even clipped on.

Bonding uses glue to attach weave to the hair roots while fusion uses wax or glue to attach weave to single sections of your hair. They both claim to be removed very easily and cause little harm but glue in your hair IS harmful. No matter what kind of glue it is. Glue and hair do not mix!

  • Fused and bonded weaves are the worst ways to attach weave.
  • The most widely used weaving technique is: Sew on weave which is applied by taking your natural hair that has been braided in cornrows and the weave is sewn on the braid.

Keep in mind you still have to take care of the hair underneath the weave which can be difficult depending on the option you choose unless it is a clip on lace weave that you can take off at night so you can maintain your own hair, then reattach the next day.

Bottom line, I don’t recommend any type of weaves or extensions be put on your head unless you absolutely have to and when you do, the only hair weave I recommend is clip on.


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