Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Can You Straighten Afro Hair Long-Term without using Caustic Chemicals?

Hi my name is Tia I put a perm in my hair two months ago and now I have a bald spot. Also I put one in my daughter head 3 to 4 months ago. At first her scalp was just dry but now where the dry spot is it's  coming out. Please can you tell me what's going on?

The biggest problem with relaxers is how they are applied. They are smoothed against the scalp and they go into the pores and they change how the hair cells function. The DNA of the hair cell (the brain that tells the hair what to do) is actually altered when the chemical goes inside the scalp. You need to think of a relaxer as being the equivalent of liquid drain cleaner. It is the same chemical you pour down the drain to eat away hair clogs that you are pushing into your head. You would not take a relaxer and rub it up and down your arm and legs for 20 minutes, but you do it to your head. The reason so many black women are giving up relaxers is because of the damage relaxers cause. In the past we were ignorant to the permanent damage but now with education we are resolving to NEVER allow relaxer chemicals to touch our heads again.

The change to the DNA can be gradual or immediate. I have had people say to me “but I see fuzz so it is growing back.” The truth is, the fuzz will grow no longer than the 1st notch in your finger (about 1”) then it falls out and starts over. Once the DNA has changed, there is no reversing it. There are a lot of gimmicks on the market that will “claim” to reverse balding but don’t waste your money, they are just gimmicks. To prevent losing your hair entirely, I recommend you NEVER put another chemical relaxer on your hair or your daughters hair EVER again. There are products on the market that will straighten your hair without caustic chemicals and I will gladly share my Product Quick Reference guide with anyone who ask. It outlines how to use my products to achieve straight hair without causing hair damaging. 

Email me at mail@ultrablackhair.com and ask for our Product Quick Reference guide. 

Cathy Howse


  1. Oh wow! Sorry that happened to you :( Try using castor oil to help with your edges and ease up on the relaxer. My sis got a relaxer the other day and had the same reaction as your hair did. I hate to see that happen to women

  2. Hi Cathy this jenny I had same problem only difference is this lady put permanent color instead of temporary still upset in July 2015

  3. Now I'm in braids twists to grow it back out.

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  5. I was looking for something to help growth lots of areas in head in the front in the middle very fragile.

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