Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Deep Conditioning is SOOOO time consuming!

When we tell our clients that to get the best benefit from the Ultra Black Hair Deep Conditioner you need to use a hooded dryer and they say "I don't use any heat on my hair," apparently they don't understand that heat from a hooded dryer is different.

The confusion comes when we think that heat appliances damage the hair, and you are right, they do! Heat from blow-dryers, pressing combs, flat irons, etc, can cause damage to the outer layer of the hair, the cuticle.  

Heat from a hooded dryer is different. In fact VERY different. The purpose of heat when you deep condition is to improve the condition of the hair. The heat allows the hair to swell open and the product goes inside the hair. This process (when used with a good conditioner) will build on to the hair increasing the thickness of the hair, which is where you get the strength. This process also improves the overall health of the hair by stopping breaking, and improving elasticity.

Deep conditioning is the best way to improve the health of your hair but who has time to sit under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes at a time every week? I know I find it time consuming too. But what if you can still get the benefits of Deep Conditioning while doing your housework or chores? Well you CAN!
Here's what you needed:
1. Processing cap
2. Wool cap

1. Apply UBH Deep Conditioner to freshly washed hair.
2. Put a processing cap on over the deep conditioner.
3. Put a wool cap over the processing cap.
4. Walk around the house doing your chores.
5. Rinse after 20- 30 minutes and style as usual.
(Test to know it's working: During processing, press your hand down on the wool cap while on your head. You will feel the heat rushing down from under the plastic bag on to your face)
Let us know what you think about this method in the comment section. 
This has been another Black Hair Truth Tip from UltraBlackHair.com


  1. Excellent idea. I'll be using this technique.

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