Friday, October 28, 2011

I need a shampoo and conditioner that works on natural hair!

Good Morning UBH,
I am so tired of spending my money on shampoos and conditioners that do nothing for my Natural Hair. I need a shampoo that detangles my Natural Hair so that my comb out time does not exceed 30 minutes of more. My hair is thick medium length and tight spiral curly hair. Every shampoo from Design Essentials to Paul Mitchell on the market I’ve tried does not leave my hair tangled free. It takes a hand full of conditioner to relax the curl in my hair so that my comb out is not painful. Every conditioner on the market I’ve tried has to remain on my hair at least a day before I can say that my hair is conditioned, combs out smoothly and the curls loosen up to dry beautifully.

I do not want to waste my hard earned money on products that are only going to give me the same results as the Nexxus or Motions products.
Barbara Gibbs

Hello Ms Gibbs,
I can very much relate to your story. I have worn my hair natural since May 2004. My hair is afro-textured and it coils and tangles so much that it has to be teased apart to prevent breaking. When I first became natural, my 15” of hair especially in the back could shrink when wet by ½ that length. It used to take me 3 hours from wash to style. I hated to do my hair!

Like you, I tried everything out there in the market in the hopes of finding something to detangle my hair, but nothing worked. After years of frustration, I decided to develop my own product -- Silky Spray. Now as a result of my Silky Spray, I am able to wash my hair in half the time it used to take. My Silky Spray is so necessary for making my hair so much easier to manage. After I wash my hair in the shower, before I put the towel on my hair to dry, I separate my hair into 2 sections, (See are the benefits of silicone in Ultra Black Hair products?) detangle, clip and blow-dry, and occasionally I will flat iron.

I also developed a shampoo that I designed specifically to meet the needs of afro-textured hair. Because our hair is naturally so dry, my shampoo is designed to not lather a lot to prevent stripping the hair of needed oils. My product line also includes a deep conditioner that is a treatment for stimulating hair growth and strengthening the hair. It is not designed for cosmetic purposes, but more so for promoting the health of your hair.

Take a look at our website and my videos on the Ultra Black Hair Channel on YouTube to get a better understanding of the specific details around my productline and our success stories. I think you will find our products different than anything you have tried before.

All the best,
Cathy Howse

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