Monday, November 28, 2011

Tips to Keep Dry Hair Moisturized

Dry, brittle, breaking hair can be characteristic of a number of problems with your hair. The most common reason most hair breaks is that it lacks moisture. Since the ends of the hair are the oldest hair on your head, they need more moisture than the hair at the scalp.
To eliminate dryness you want to use products that penetrate the hair shaft because not only is the surface of the hair dry but the innermost part of the hair is also dry. Products like petroleum and mineral oil are a dead giveaway that they are not penetrating your hair because after you apply them, anything that touches your hair gets stained by these products. This is a sign that moisture is not getting where it needs to be.
So there are a couple of tips that you should follow when you consider moisturizers for your hair:

  • First, water is moisture and should be the first ingredient in a good hair moisturizer.
  • In addition to moisture, our hair needs lubrication. Since oils lubricate, they should be second after water in a good moisturizer. Neither of these oils should be petroleum or mineral oil because they sit on top of the hair and do not penetrate the hair shaft.
  • Finally, start at the ends of the hair then work your way up.
Moisture is a key component in stopping the hair from breaking.


  1. Ms. Cathy you have changed your products and your packaging. I noticed when companies change they way their product looks, they change the ingredients. This is definitely the case here. I have enjoyed your products but a lot of natural things in the product has been replaced with wierd chemicals. I notice your creme moisturizer no longer has olive oil and retinol. I notice the colors are different, smells different, I have to use more spray moisturizer than what i used to, to have the same effect. Its just not the same and people will notice the difference. I think you sold out to mass marketing instead of continuing to make a quality product. Thanks,

  2. I feel your original moisturizer kept my hair more moisturized than the newer version but you explained to me at the sister of circle why you changed the formula. I still wish you could go back to the original, it was better quality in my opinion but I am glad you are still educating black women on how to keep their hair from breaking and growing to great lengths.