Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top Black Hair Myths from Cathy Howse's Hair Seminar

In my Hair Care, Hair Myth, Hair Growth Seminar I identify the top myths associated with Black hair growth. They are:
  • Myth #1 says: TRIMMING helps the hair grow
IF THAT actually worked we’d all have long hair! Trimming has nothing to do with hair growth – it never has – and it never will. Hair grows from the scalp – not the ends. Hair is DEAD. Trimming the ends off cannot send a signal to the roots to grow more hair. Hair is not like a rose bush where you “trim a piece off” and another piece shoots out.
  • Myth #2 says: that LACK OF TRIMMING will split all the way up the hair shaft.
If every hair on your head is prone to splitting all the way up the hair shaft – trimming is not going to help you any way. Split ends will not stop your hair from growing! That myth is perpetuated by the hair care industry
  • Myth #3 says: we need to BRUSH our hair to stimulate the scalp and make our hair grow
Ask any white person with a PERM if they brush their hair – They’ll tell you NO! So why should we think we should be able to brush our hair when we have a tighter curl pattern than they do?
  • Myth #4 says that Hair is Alive –
Hair is not alive but dead! That's the reason it does not hurt to cut it. And remember – something that is alive has requirements that are TOTALLY different than something that is dead!
  • Myth #5 says – Can’t wash your hair too OFTEN because you’ll dry out your natural oils!
Water is vital for the body– So how can water dry out your hair? It doesn’t make sense. It is not how often you wash your hair that causes the problem – it is what you wash your hair with! If washing hair were a problem –every white person out there would be baldheaded. Because they wash their hair everyday! So it is what you use that can cause you hair to DRY OUT and BREAK OFF
  • Myth #6 say: Too much protein is damaging
NOPE protein is one of the best things you can do to your hair. Protein must be softened when you use it. But it is a requirement for our hair – in fact ALL hair. Without it – the hair will break!
  • Myths #7 says: Grease is a requirement for our hair and it grows hair
The scalp does not need to be oiled. Sebaceous glands take care of the scalp. Mineral oil and petroleum found in hair grease coat and block the pores like liquid saran wrap – nothing goes in and nothing comes out. You actually cause dandruff in a number of cases by oiling your scalp
  • Myth #8 says: It is okay to touch up relaxed edges with a pressing comb
Pressing combs will destroy chemically processed hair! Relaxers were never intended to be used with extreme amounts of heat. Never press chemically processed hair – NEVER.  If you see your hairdresser grabbing a pressing comb or even a curling iron that has been heated on one of those little stoves – STOP THEM It will cause you MAJOR breakage!
  • Myth #9 says: If you let your hair grow forever without cutting and breaking it will grow long enough to sit on
Think about this – if you never shaved your leg hair or you never shaved your underarm hair it wouldn’t grow long enough to braid it WOULD IT? Every hair has a natural life cycle – the lifecycle on your head may be 2 years and others may be 6 years.Some of you may be able to grow your hair past their bottoms – most of you will not. Most sisters just want to get it past your shoulders and they will be happy.
Myths are one of the reasons we have short hair. Use common sense when something sounds suspicious to dispel the myths about black hair.
Cathy Howse


  1. Thanks my hairdresser always gets an attitude when I ask her not to cut my ends and she then says well your hair will not grow. Thanks for your advice from now on, I'm sticking to my ground!

    1. I LOVE your produts. I use the products on my 5 year old daughter and myself. The products have improved our hair condition and its healthiness. I apply UBH moiturizer to our hair twice a day and increased washes with a sulfate free shampoo and then deep condition with a plastic cap and heated hooded dryer for 30 minutes. Thank you so much for the education of hair care to promote growth and healthiness.

    2. Glad you made this clear!...there are a lot of myths that have been passed down for too many generations. You should add the myth dirty hair grows faster....wrong! Check my was routine at

  2. So lets just say my hair will only grow for two years and stop and that is it.It will never grow again? My hair is already way past my shoulders but I want to the middle of my back. I had been taking hair pills but stopped because they just made my nails sexy didnt really grow my hair 2x faster like it said. I was on them for more than six months. So how can I keep my ends from breaking and is coconut oil and olive oil good for hair oils?????

  3. oh and one more thing how can i find black own beauty shops????