Friday, November 29, 2013

Carol's Daughters Products Expensive and Dont Work With My Hair

Hello Cathy,

I came across your website asking about Wave Nouveau. I have had a Wave Nouveau perm for about 20 years. I have never put any other chemicals on my hair excepts hair dyes. People compliment me on my hair. I am a older women so having people compliment my hair is a blessing to me. Have not had a perm in about 5 years with no problems, except my hair is long but thin.... I use Carol Daughters products sometime but expensive, still have not found what works with my hair. I want thick hair along with length without using perms love my natural hair can you help me maintain it? Also how long does the perm stay in my hair? Do I have to chop it off for all chemicals to be out?

Jackie Matthews Washington DC

Hello Jackie,

Perms are “Permanent” thus the reason we call them "perms." They never wear off your hair but have to grow out or be cut off to rid yourself of them. Your thinning is probably caused by chemical applications smoothed against your head. These products go into your pores and change how the hair cells function. Regretfully, nothing on this planet can reverse that.

UBH products will help improve your hair and you do not have to cut the chemical off your hair, you can just let it grow out. Use UBH products and your hair will become stronger, and thicker which is necessary to keep the hair from breaking and to keep it on your head to add length.

Cathy Howse


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