Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Daughters Hair is a MESS and I am Looking for a New Hair Stylist!

Dear Cathy,
My hair stylist has relaxed my daughter's hair since she was 5 (12 years) and my hair for over 20 years.  An unfortunate disagreement and I'm in search of a new stylist.  My daughter's hair is in terrible shape, broken and shorter than ever. She is a teenager and a dancer so her diet and dancing is at issue.  After 7 weeks I had a new stylist put in Just For Me Regular relaxer because she thought the relaxers my daughter was getting was too strong.  I have very thin hair and a short style with no hair issues.  I will however need a relaxer soon.  I am reading a lot of your tips reference Affirm, is that a good product?  I believe my stylist was using Silk products from GA.  I would like to place an order for your products ASAP.  What should I order for both of us?  I saw praise about your products from a customers comments on the Wen product.
Thank you!


Hello Lori,
Changing chemicals is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair and your daughters hair! Most chemicals are not the same although they appear to be, but appearances can be deceiving. If you put a different relaxer on already relaxed hair it creates holes all in the hair and causes it to break uncontrollably. Hairdressers are ignorant to this one very important fact. When your hair starts breaking, they blame you for it.

Hopefully your hair has not been destroyed by the ignorance of the industry professional.
I recommend you get your hair in better condition before you apply ANY other chemical. That can be done by deep conditioning with my UBH deep conditioner at least once a week and using a good moisturizer (UBH satin Crème) my products will keep moisture in your hair and stop your hair from being dry, brittle and breaking.

As you probably have read, I have not had a relaxer since 2004 and don’t plan on getting another one EVER because they can result in permanent balding and I am not ready to be put out of business. Affirm is the relaxer I used in the past but I recommend you stick with the one you are currently using to prevent your hair from being destroyed. If you still decide to have your hair relaxed, ensure the chemical is kept off your scalp. Do not let them smooth the chemical against your head. Please see my video below on safe chemical applications to avoid further thinning hair and potentially irreversible balding.

Cathy Howse

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