Friday, January 24, 2014

Is Ovations Hair Therapy for African American women?

What are your thoughts on Ovations Hair Therapy?  Is it safe for African American women?

It is not a question of is it "safe" because based on my observation there is nothing in the ingredients list that will cause you harm. I will give you my opinion based on a review of their website.
  • Their claim is "thicker and stronger" hair - this is what protein does so what makes them so special?
  • They incorporate DHT blockers in their products which is supposed to affect the hair thickness from the cellular level. (most Black people thinning is not caused by DHT)
  • On the ingredients list, there is nothing proprietary or exclusive about their products that would make them work any better than what is already on the market
  • The products are ridiculously expensive! $33 for a 12 oz bottle (It would have to be gold in the bottle before I purchase it!)
  • Where are the black people with afro-textured hair in their ads and testimonials?
  • On the website, the testimonials are NOT from people with type 4 hair (just like Wen, they can't cosmetically improve afro textured hair so it is believable)
So I would NOT invest in Ovation products because the proof is just not believable.
Cathy Howse


  1. Hi Cathy. My name is Ragine. I'm 16 years old and I just ordered your starter kit. I live in Detroit MI. How can I find out the date my order shall arrive?

    1. It takes about a week to receive your products. Thanks for your order. Cathy Howse